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major_bottoms's Journal

Major Bottoms-- An M/J community
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Welcome to major_bottoms! This is your place for anything Michael/Justin!

Yes, it may seem weird. I mean, Michael Novotny and Justin Taylor? WITHOUT BRIAN???!!!

Yeah, whod've thought?

Yet here we are ;D

A few rules:

[x] Whether you're a B/J shipper or a B/M shipper, I want everyone to get along. Meaning: Any posts and/or comments that flame a ship or insult a member in any way, shape, or form WILL be deleted. And depending on the situation, you may be banned. Normally, I'm a very nice person and very flexible, but hopefully nothing will come to that.

[x] Post whatever you want, as long as it focuses around Michael/Justin. Fics, icons, videos, clips, random thoughts, are all allowed. Whether it focuses on M/J as Friends, lovers, business partners, etc, we'd all like to see what you have ;D

[x] I do realize this is an odd pairing, but if you don't like it, don't read. Don't join, don't post. I really don't want to hear how much the members and myself are out of our minds for liking M/J, etc, etc, and I have a zero tolerence policy for this. You WILL have your post deleted and you WILL be banned.

[x] I have disallowed anonymus comments for a reason. I won't change these settings at all, so don't ask. If you're an M/J'er without Livejournal, join.

[x] Most of all, HAVE FUN! And be nice and respectful blahblah blah. I think you get the point ;D

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