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MOD POST. [Wednesday
Aug 23rd, at 9:20pm 06 ]

[ mood | calm ]

As much as I hate to do this, I think it's time for me to leave the community. I'm not doing as much as I should as moderator, and I really just simply don't have the time anymore. I don't want to delete the community, so is there anyone interested in taking over for me as mod?

Just comment if you want it. :)

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REC [Saturday
Jul 29th, at 10:30pm 06 ]

Someone replied to my last post here and I thought you all might want to read it. I copied and pasted the comment from rhiandra

Sorry for posting this under your current link, but I didn't know how else to give it to you. Hope it is okay.

I went searching for old QAF stories, stories that I don't remember or which were written in S1 or S2, I found one that made me think of this group. I am not sure if you are keeping a list of Michael/Justin fics or not, perhaps you even have this one already; however, I will include it incase you don't. It is called "The Switcher". According to the author, she received a death threat because of it. Ah! fandom tolerances.

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Question! [Saturday
Jul 15th, at 10:09am 06 ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Does anyone have any interest in maybe compiling a list of requests or challenges? I need plot bunnies, for the love of God. And although I don't usually write M/J - maybe it will drag me out of this deep dark no-word void. So - does anyone have any requests, or whatnot? :)

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Plot bunnies anyone? [Saturday
Jul 1st, at 11:47pm 06 ]

[ mood | curious ]



If you are looking for a plot/video bunny ... check it out :)



FIC: Storytelling. [Tuesday
Jun 6th, at 2:15pm 06 ]

[ mood | hungry ]

I can't believe I haven't posted this here, but this community has been kind of dead save for the most recent posts. Maybe we can get this place up and running again. :D

Title: Storytelling
Pairing: Michael/Justin
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Michael whispers too softly over the phone, but Justin can strain and catch every single word.
Notes: Written for waterlanding
Disclaimer: Any mention of 'Queer As Folk', any associated entites, or any copywrited material pertaining therein is reasonably protected by the Fair Use Rule of the United States Copyright Act of 1976, and is not intended to infringe upon any copywrited material.

Storytelling ; PG-13Collapse )

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Story time, kids. Gather 'round ;) [Monday
Jun 5th, at 11:15pm 06 ]

Title: Another Satisfied Customer
Pairing: J/M with undertones of B/M and B/J.
Rating: For the sake of it let's say NC-17.
Summary: Ben and Brian are both out of town. Justin tells Michael about Brian.
A/N: As is with every story I ever post, major thanks to bestmixtape. And I would like to take this opportunity to point out that when she leaves me alone for a whole weekend, this is what happens. I write pairings I would never attempt. Ever.

Another Satisifed CustomerCollapse )
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M/J icons [Monday
Jun 5th, at 2:06pm 06 ]

[ mood | creative ]

I'm so sorry I haven't been contributing to this community but I have some icons. You guys might have seen them already at qaficons, so I apologize. 
Oh, I was planning on making another M/J video and I was wondering if anyone had any song suggestions. Thanks. :)

01   02 03   ( more M/J love )

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Jan 19th, at 11:55pm 06 ]

Hi, all! Just joined and I come bearing fic. :)

Title: "Come and Dance With me, Michael" or, "How the World Stopped Revolving Around Brian Kinney."
Pairing: Michael/Justin, background of Brian/Justin, and unrequited Brian/Michael
Word Count: 2,265
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When the door shut behind me, it didn’t slam or bang like a beacon of doom as Brian’s had done. It was a soft click, the sort of sound that invites re-opening.
Disclaimer: Me = Poor. Cowlip = Filthy Rich. Note the difference.
Author’s notes: This is based on, but not a song fic of, “Michael” by Franz Ferdinand. It takes place early in season 1. Also, this got mentioned on _in_babylon, so you may have already seen it if you're subscribed to that. It was originally written as a Christmas present for paraka.

( He grinned. It was one of the first real smiles he’d given me and it gave me a strange feeling in my chest. )

Fanmix - Michael/Justin [Saturday
Jan 14th, at 3:43pm 06 ]

[ mood | drained ]

Sacrifice Forever-- A Justin/Michael EP

Covers + Download LinksCollapse )

Comment, and enjoy :)

x-posted to qafmix, queerasfolkfans, and my own journal.

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Oct 31st, at 5:30pm 05 ]

[ mood | hungry ]

I've been a very inactive member of this community so I thought I'd finally be somewhat useful and make a post :)

Mi è entrata dentro e c’è restata.Collapse )

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Wishing and Recieving - Michael/Justin - PG [Monday
Oct 31st, at 4:31pm 05 ]

[ mood | moody ]

Title: Wishing and Recieving
Pairing: Michael/Justin
Rating: PG
Summary: Neither of them will cry anymore.
Notes: An extremely short little ficlet. For i_love_jai, because I love her and stuff <3333.
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters, people, places, things, or other such nouns mentioned in this work of fiction. No copyright infrigment of any kind is intended.

Wishing and Recieveing


Untitled - Michael/Justin [Sunday
Oct 9th, at 4:39pm 05 ]

Pairing: Justin Taylor/Michael Novotny
Summary: Post-series. There are times when Michael just wishes that he couldn’t talk.
Word Count: 375


x-posted to queerasfiction and major_bottoms

brothers and friends [Wednesday
Sep 28th, at 9:28pm 05 ]

[ mood | curious ]

Ive always had a strong pull towards the friendships between Brian and Mikey, Mikey and Justin. I loved loooved season five while Mikey was helping Justin after the breakup. Ever since day one, that pilot episode there have been strong occurrences showing that Mikey cares for Justin. Has anyone written any fics that have M/J as good friends? I would love to read them!


Fic help [Thursday
Sep 29th, at 1:41am 05 ]
Hi Guys

I'm new to lj and I just love this community. Ilove Michael/Justin as a pairing.

I'm looking for a fic. Brian has moved to L.A. Ben is dead. Justin tells Michael Brian has offered him a job in L.A. and he wants Michael to go with him.

Can anyone help?
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Thanks for the Misery;; NC-17 [Tuesday
Sep 20th, at 3:58pm 05 ]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Title: Thanks For the Misery
Pairing: Michael/Justin with B/J and B/M undertones.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: :D <-- This is Michael and Justin. )(&*^#)*Q&%# <-- This is Michael and Justin on Brian. And when Michael and Justin are without Brian, all hell breaks loose. Any questions?
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I own no characters. I own NOTHING.
Warnings: Character death, sex, and teh angst! And, um, fucking in a church bathroom. It’s all good.

Thanks For the MiseryCollapse )

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drabbles [Wednesday
Sep 14th, at 6:22am 05 ]

[ mood | creative ]

Just two drabbles for y'all. ;D

Title: Photographs
Rating: PG

photographsCollapse )


Title: Morning Sunshine
Rating: PG

morning sunshineCollapse )

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Entangled (Michael/Justin) [Friday
Sep 9th, at 1:46am 05 ]

[ mood | sick ]

TITLE: Entangled
AUTHOR: ficklemuse
SUMMARY: Justin and Michael’s secret comes out.
PAIRING: Michael/Justin
RATING: R (Only for some not very polite language)
FANDOM: Queer as Folk
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. But then you knew that already.
WARNINGS: Wait thirty minutes before swimming after you eat.
NOTES: This follows (in order) Together and Life in Sfumato (Follows Life in Sfumato *directly* like the same week.)

Come in closer come in closer

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Fanvid [Thursday
Sep 8th, at 5:48pm 05 ]

[ mood | geeky ]



Title: Too Much of Not Enough
Song by: Silverchair
Summary of vid: Fed up with Brian and all of his manipulations, Michael and Justin find comfort in each other, only to have everything go wrong.


x-posted to _meltwithyou__, queerasfolkfans, and major_bottoms


Justin/Michael Fic - Life In Sfumato (NC-17) [Monday
Sep 5th, at 6:15am 05 ]

[ mood | energetic ]

TITLE: Life in Sfumato
AUTHOR: ficklemuse
SUMMARY: Justin comes home for Christmas.
PAIRING: Michael/Justin
RATING: NC-17 Sex! Yay! (Oh sure! Like you weren’t thinking it!)
FANDOM: Queer as Folk
WARNINGS: Season 5 Spoilers.
NOTES: ‘Sfumato’ is defined as: The blurring or softening of sharp outlines in painting by subtle and gradual blending of one tone into another.

This is a Sequel to 'Together':


Life In Sfumato


CHALLENGE [Wednesday
Aug 31st, at 6:38pm 05 ]

Woo! I LOVE making challenges. Anybody up to this fairly simple one?

What happens when Justin realizes that he is developing feeling for Micahel?
Must include one or more of these words/phrases: stained glass, cookie(s), and fuzzy. (The "and" is not a word.)

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